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Nerve Conductivity Test in New Jersey 

EMG & Nerve Conduction Process

There are several different nerve conductivity tests we can perform to determine the overall health of the nerve. These tests show if your body is properly sending and receiving signals from the brain. This information can help us find the cause of your pain and set you on the path to recovery. 

NCS testing is done by placing small electrodes on your skin. The stimulator will then deliver small electrical currents to the nerves which will cause your nerves to react. These signals are shown on our specialized computers so that we can see if your nerves are reacting too quickly or too slowly. 

Our conclusion on how your nerves are functioning is based upon comparison to the average nerve reaction.


EMG testing is done by placing small needles in the muscles of your legs, arms and/or back. The needles show electrical activity caused by muscle contractions on our specialized computers. This test determines whether or not your muscles are receiving signals from your nerves properly.​


EMG & Nerve Conduction Services

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